The Chip MBE Project Completed in the Past Years


Molecular beam epitaxy, or MBE, is a new technique for growing high-quality thin films of crystals on crystal substrates. In ultra-high vacuum conditions, by the heating stove is equipped with all kinds of required components and generate steam, through holes formed after collimating beam atomic or molecular beam, direct injection to the appropriate temperature of the single crystal substrate, controlling molecular beam to the substrate scanning at the same time, it can make the molecules or atoms in crystal alignment layers to form a thin film on a substrate "growth".

For the normal operation of MBE equipment, high purity, low pressure and ultra-clean liquid nitrogen is required to be continuously and stably transported to the cooling chamber of the equipment. In general, a tank that provides liquid nitrogen has an output pressure between 0.3MPa and 0.8MPa.Liquid nitrogen at -196℃ is easily vaporized into nitrogen during pipeline transportation. Once the liquid nitrogen with a gas-liquid ratio of about 1:700 is gasified in the pipeline, it will occupy a large amount of liquid nitrogen flow space and reduce the normal flow at the end of the liquid nitrogen pipeline. In addition, in the liquid nitrogen storage tank, there is likely to be debris that has not been cleaned. In the liquid nitrogen pipeline, the existence of wet air will also lead to the generation of ice slag. If these impurities are discharged into the equipment, it will cause unpredictable damage to the equipment.

Therefore, the liquid nitrogen in the outdoor storage tank is transported to the MBE equipment in the dust-free workshop with high efficiency, stability and clean, and the low pressure, no nitrogen, no impurities, 24 hours uninterrupted, such transportation control system is a qualified product.

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Matching MBE equipment

Since 2005, HL Cryogenic Equipment (HL CRYO) has been optimizing and improving this system and cooperating with international MBE equipment manufacturers. MBE equipment manufacturers, including DCA, REBER, have cooperative relations with our company. MBE equipment manufacturers, including DCA and REBER, have cooperated in a large number of projects.

Riber S.A is a leading global provider of molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) products and related services for compound semiconductor research and industrial applications. The Riber MBE device can deposit very thin layers of material on the substrate, with very high controls. The vacuum equipment of HL Cryogenic Equipment (HL CRYO) is equipped with Riber S.A. The largest equipment is Riber 6000 and the smallest is Compact 21. It is in good condition and has been recognized by customers.

DCA is the world's leading oxide MBE. Since 1993, systematic development of oxidation techniques, antioxidant substrate heating and antioxidant sources has been carried out. For this reason, many leading laboratories have chosen DCA oxide technology. Composite semiconductor MBE systems are used around the world. The VJ liquid nitrogen circulating system of HL Cryogenic Equipment (HL CRYO) and the MBE equipment of multiple models of DCA have the matching experience in many projects, such as the model P600, R450, SGC800 etc.

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Performance Table

Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
The 11th Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation
Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Alibaba DAMO Academy
Powertech Technology Inc.
Delta Electronics Inc.
Suzhou Everbright Photonics

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